Rental of dishwashing units

Professional conveyor type dishwashing unit

For any type of dishwashing we have the appropriate dishwashing unit! Our skilled sales staff will be happy to inform you about which dishwashing unit is most suitable for your situation. We also give interesting advice about the layout of the dishwashing area and the logistics part of it. Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition without any worries from your current situation to the temporary solution.

You can also rent dishwashing units as well as the accessories such as baskets for the cutlery, glasses, plates and cups but also watersofteners. The dishwashing unit can also be equipped with an extension. (worktables) Upon request you can also order washing-up liquid and polish for a perfect shine via Kessel Rental. We rent out professional dishwashing units from wellknown brands such as Meiko and Hobart and these are available for both short or longer rental periods.

Our range consists out of:

  • Conveyor machines
  • Pass through dishwashers
  • Conveyor machines with baskets
  • Undercounter dishwashers

Whether it’s about renting out a “stand alone” undercounter dishwasher or a complete fully integrated dishwashing system, our aim is always to optimize the dishwashing process. It’s not only about spotless dishes but also about efficiency (logistics) and a healthy work environment with less handling and lifting. Reflecting well on the dishwashing process can actually improve efficiency and cut costs.

We rent out our dishwashing units to the restaurant behind the corner but also to canteens of companies, schools, hospitals or public institutions. aan het cafetaria om de hoek, maar ook aan grootkeukens in bedrijfsrestaurants en instellingen. Hotels, schools, hospitals etc., often require larger dishwashing units to fit their capacity requirements.

Of course a situation whereby your cook doesn’t have clean pots and pans or a restaurant has run out of clean glasses, is utterly unacceptable. All day long dirty dishes enter the dishwashing area and you must be able to rely on an impeccable result of the kitchen utensils, cutlery and tableware leaving the kitchen. That’s why we also offer a decent and fast service if your dishwashing unit for some reason would malfunction despite our regular maintenance.

A hint: Even though you are working with professional dishwashing machinery it is recommended that dirty dishes be rinced before putting them into the machine in order to prevent a blocked drain.

You can check out which types of machinery are available by calling us at 003177 – 35 90 900 or you may choose to send us your enquiry by mail to We are always at your service!