Kitchen and restaurant

Larger canteen in a modular building

Temporary canteen

Besides a temporary kitchen we often also need to install a temporary canteen for the staff.

It’s fairly easy to connect our units to a temporary modular building. We use tents in an aluminium structure but also modular buildings that can withstand snow up to 75 kilos/sqm. This means our temporary structures can be used during any season.

There are also multiple options for catering equipment within the serving area, such as a variety of counters.

The structures can be fitted with a false ceiling and lighting. In any case our structure will have the outlook of a permanent building rather than a temporary one.

Serving area

In order to offer a complete solution we also have 2 types of counters for the serving area in our range.

Freeflow serving area in a temporary canteen


Our range also includes sanitary units on behalf of your guests.

Thanks to our broad experience and the size of our fleetstock we can solve virtually any temporary capacity problem.

Whenever a solution with containers (fixed sizes) doesn’t fit your plans, then perhaps you should check out our webpage concerning modular buildings whereby you can decide yourself how the spaces should be partitioned. 100% flexibility!

If you wish to compile your kitchen you can contact our specialists by phone or by mail for further advice.