Renting temporary space

A customized professional kitchen

Temporary space in a modular and detachable building simply is the future

For decades Kessel Rental has been setting up kitchens and restaurants in containers and inside insulated aluminum structures. The big advantage of kitchens inside aluminum structures is that there are no limitations in terms of partitioning due to fixed sizes. A big disadvantage with these structures is the creation of waste as many of the buildings materials cannot be used again. And at the same time the poor insulation results in the loss of expensive energy. Obviously this causes reason for concern.

These issues have encouraged us to look for a high quality alternative, namely a modular construction system with excellent insulation properties that comply with the German TUV and EnEv 2016 standard. This modular construction system is comparable to the LEGO principle and can be applied for a temporary building as well as a permanent one. This means that these buildings can be deployed for the purpose of kitchens or restaurants (or a combination of both) during longer periods of time.

Modular temporary kitchen and canteen created and built by Kessel Rental

Unlimited possibilities

The base of this modular system is a customized steel structure. The sophisticated floor parts for the kitchen area and special rooftop parts shorten the assembly time and ensure an elegant and professional look. The structure has received a TUV technical inspection certificate. Kessel Rental takes care of the complete technical side of it , from the power distribution to the climate control according to the latest technology.

A solution up your alley as well?


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