Rental of kitchen equipment

Are you interested to rent separate kitchen appliances?

 We have a large range of professional kitchen appliances to choose from when we install temporary kitchens in container units or modular structures.

Is one of your appliances malfunctioning and a replacement is not available at short notice?

  • You can enquire about the available appliances from our stock.
  • You can rent appliances for a short period or longer
  • Renting is always a good alternative!

Some of our equipment:

  • Combisteamers from 6×1/1GN to 20×1/1GN
  • Convection ovens from 10×1/1GN to 20×1/1GN
  • Stoves with ceramic burners
  • Kettles of 100 or 150l
  • Tilting braising pan
  • Griddle plates
  • Deep fat fryersv (Frymaster and MKN)
  • Fridges and freezers
  • Dishwashing units from undercounter machines to conveyor machines
  • Various counters

and many others….

Multiple professional kitchen appliances from  Kessel Rental.

With a single email or phonecall our skilled staff can check availability and provide you with a suitable offer.

Kessel Rental can take care of the transport and connections but you also have the option to collect and return the equipment yourself.

We’re there to lend you a helping hand!