Refrigeration and freezing

Multiple built-in refrigeration and freezing areas

Kessel Rental rents out temporary extra capacity for refrigeration and freezing and we can install small or larger mobile, conditioned spaces for refrigeration and freezing at short notice.


Whenever smaller cooling and freezer cells supply insufficient capacity you can rely on our cooling and freezing cubes which we have developed ourselves.  These cells are fitted with special holes to enable handling and lifting by forklift and dolly.

For larger storage space we also have 20ft containers in our range.  Since  we have plenty of such units available they can be put at your disposal fairly quickly.  Another important advantage is the fact that we can install these by means of our own trucks provided you have reserved sufficient space. This way you will not have to spend extra costs for the use of a crane. Upon request we can also provide ascending stairs for easier and practical access.

If the above does not suit your personal situation then we can (dis)assemble the cells on your behalf. (both inside or outside)  Our experienced mecanics  can install them in no time and of course in compliance with the latest HACCP standards.

Please contact our specialists in order to find the most appropriate solution!

We rent out conditioned spaces small or large

You benefit from unlimited possibilities! Regardless whether your requirement is about replacement or expansion, short or long term, in standard sizes or customized!  For customized spaces we use  sandwichpanels that allow us to create  freezing spaces in any given size.

In certain instances we have installed airconditioned portioning areas where the air flow was divided equally by means of built-in tubes (ceiling),  thus providing a pleasant work space  for the kitchen staff without any annoying draught.

Freezing cells and other options

Freezing cells are always fitted with a curtain of plastics strips in order to keep the cool air where it belongs!  If you wish to keep a tight registration of temperatures we can provide for dataloggers.


Of course it’s possible to connect the refrigeration and/or freezer units to other kitchen units or to integrate them within our NxtGen temporary construction system.  You can choose from a wide variety of options and our goal is to keep our customers satisfied.  Indeed, our 24/7 emergency repair service is always  at your disposal to deal with a problem if any.

Together we explore the best option for both inside or outside purposes.
Kitchen unit with a mobile coolcube


If you’re thinking aobut renovating your refigeration or freezing spaces, by all means contact us and we’ll be happy to help you with your project.  Once we have sufficient information we can produce a drawing of the concept and send you a detailed offer.

Let’s keep it cool and simple.