Operating procedure

Planning, design and operating procedure

Kessel Rental can definitely assist you when you are in need of a temporary solution for your kitchen and restaurant.  We’re not bound to standardized solutions and our flexible approach allows us to reflect on various possibilities resulting in a customized solution.  Our complete service guarantees a high quality level and offers a substantial reduction of cost.  Since we keep complete control over our projects even last minutes changes or amendments can be realized.

Operating procedure

Inventory of requirements and desired features.

The requested capacity, available space and the circumstances at the location have to be determined.

Visit of the site in order to get a good idea of the situation, possibilities and/or obstacles.

The soil and  and possibilities for anchoring are tested and measured.

Presentation of alternatives on the basis of our specific knowledge and experience with temporary kitchens/restaurants.

Durability, quality, user friendliness, efficiency and costs are taken into account and compared. Our kitchens offer a whole range of advantages for kitchen staff.  A pleasant work environment is created by a flexible layout of the appliances, logical supply routes and  work areas that pretty much compares to the existing work patterns.

Design and indication of tolerances.

Kessel Rental offers a perfect price/quality ratio whereby the priorities are quality, flexibility and user friendliness.  A drawing of the whole concept is drafted.

Go or no go.

Building and installation times, mutual obligations and deadlines are being confirmed.

Draft of the rental contract.

Expectations and commitments are documented in writing.  Depending on the situation you can buy or rent. worden schriftelijk vastgelegd.

The technicalities of the project are handled by the project manager.

Kessel Rental possesses all the knowledge for advice, technical support and takes care of the construction and connections from A to Z.

Delivery, transfer, testing, inventory check and commissioningtesten.

During the commissioning a transfer report is drafted containing a summary of the rented inventory and confirming that the temporary kitchen is functioning satisfactory.

After sales service

At Kessel Rental the service doesn’t stop when the kitchen has been transferred.  We work with our own mecanics and a nationwide service network.