Modular kitchens

2 insulated structures including a restaurant and a kitchen

On behalf of our customers Kessel Rental started 8 years ago with customized construction of temporary kitchens in alu-halls, The main advantage of this system is the flexibility and choice of layout of the available space for our customers. In such a structure we’ve already integrated a system to condition the air with blastchillers but we’ve also created a space that was used for trolleys/carts operated with robot technology by remote control. The other spaces had easy access and the floor was designed seamless with R12 antislip material (safestep). The piping of the air conditioning system were elegantly concealed in the false ceiling. In such a kitchen you can hardly tell the difference between a kitchen in a permanent building or one in a temporary facility.

The only disadvantage of kitchens in such alu-halls remains insufficient insulation, loss of heat and condensation due to cold bridges. This leaves room for improvement.

A temporary kitchen housed in a temporary, modular, detachable building is the marriage of the future

We have been looking for a high quality, stable, modular and detachable construction system that complies with the most stringent demands as set out in the German TUV and EnEv 2016 standard. This modular, detachable construction system can be compared tot he LEGO principle and can be applied for both a permanent and a temporary building . This means the buildings can be deployed during longer rental periods for use as a restaurant, kitchen or a combination of both. After the rental period these buildings are fully disassembled and their components can be used again in another project. (just like Lego bricks) A modular detachable building can easily be made larger or smaller and can even be entirely moved to another location if necessary.

The possibilities are unlimited

The base of our modular system is a customized steel structure. The prefabricated floor parts of the kitchen and the special rooftop parts shorten the construction time and provide an elegant, professional appearance. Moreover our system has received the TUV quality certificate. Kessel Rental also takes care of all technical issues, starting with the energy distribution to climate control, all according to the latest technology. If requested we can even install solar panels on the roof. So as you can see, the energy cost certainly does not have to be an obstacle, quite on the contrary.

A dishwashing area housed in a modular building

Are you interested in such a detachable and recyclable construction system? Please let us know. Send your e-mail to or call 003177- 3590900. We will be happy to help you.