Mobile units for dishwashers

Temporary mobile unit with a conveyor dishwashing machine

We have temporary mobile units available especially for dishwashing purposes

Our dishwashing units are equipped with an antislip floor, scrubbing pits, stainless steel walls and all necessary technical equipment. We have a wide range of dishwashing machines of wellknown brands such as Meiko and Hobart. Starting with basic undercounter types to pass through types and conveyor types for increased capacity.

Due to a humid environment the floor of a dishwashing area suffers a lot and in order to keep up with with the HACCP standards a partial or complete renovation is required every so often. No wonder there is such a high demand for temporary units!

Kessel Rental has quite a lot of dishwashing units in its range enabling you to continue this activity even during construction works, whereby the meal service to your guests or patients doesn’t need to be disrupted.

Of course these units can be connected to other units out of our range. Anything is possible.

How does this work?

On the basis of your needs and the requested capacity we put together an offer that fits your present way of working. We’ve had customers where we had to install a single unit but also customers where we installed several large conveyor dishwashers in a designated area. After your approval of our concept drawing we can present you with a customized offer.

If our proposal meets your wishes, requirements and it fits your budget we can start preparing the assembly and delivery. Our dishwashing units can mostly be supplied without the use of a crane. If our customers require a larger dishwashing area for a longer period of time, they often choose a temporary building for the set up. This work can be carried out by our own assembly crew in a matter of a few weeks.

What should you look after yourself?

You only need to make sure that there is sufficient power and water supply at the location as well as a connection point to the sewer. We will look after installing and connecting the equipmentsuch as watersoftener, dispensers for soap and disinfection etc. Once the unit is officiallly handed over, it is ready for use.

Renting dishwashers

You wish to rent a machine on its own? Of course we offer this service as well.

Customized solutions

If you require more capacity and/or you have specific wishes we also have the possibility to offer a complete dishwashing area fitted in one of our modular buildings, developed like the Lego principle. The main advantage is a free choice of how you wish to partition the available surface and space, or in other words total flexibilty.

A detachable building can also look elegant and comply with the EnEv 2016 standard all at the same time.

If you wish to receive more information about a temporary solution, feel free to contact us by e-mail at or just give us a call. Our skilled sales staff will be happy to help you find the right solution for your ambitious project!

Temporary mobile dishwashing unit with a double pass through type