Mobile kitchen with storage

Storage room (chilled)

When you need to replace your kitchen and you also require extra storage capacity for cooling and freezing, Kessel Rental can be of help to you. By connecting several containerunits all spaces can be reached from the inside. This way all your ingredients for a perfect meal are well within reach.

  • Good accessability of your mobile kitchen without the need for a corridor
  • A compact temporary solution


The advantages:

  • Fast assembly
  • No additional crane costs (if the location has easy access)
  • Excellent logistics
  • Solutions for every budget
  • Personal advice
  • One contact person
  • Emergency repair service during the rental period

Storage unit

In our range we have specific solutions for specific issues. Our specialists have plenty of experience with kitchen design. We also keep in mind the following items:

  • Mobile grease separator
  • Internal logistics and improved accessability of the units
  • Chilling of waste
  • Air control system

You know you can count on us. Thanks to our excellent preparation we are able to install your temporary kitchen including storage space and cold chamber within a short period of time.

If you still have some questions please call us on 003177-3590900 or send an e-mail to

With the relevant information we are able to send you a concept of the proposed solution within 24 hours.