FAQ – Frequently asked questions

  1. What type of temporary facilities are available?
    Kessel Rental has a solution for every enquiry. If you have little space available we can offer container units. We started off with refrigeration and freezer units and slowly expanded towards kitchen units and dishwashing container units. Since then we have developed a modular contruction system that’s suitable for the installation of a large professional kitchen. Ask our advisors for guidance concerning the most suitable option for your project.
  2. Do I need a license/permit?
    If the site is your own property in most cases you don’t. In a public area you definitely need a license/building permit as for every (temporary) construction. We recommend to inform your town hall of your plan/project. They can inform you of the procedure you need to follow.
    Where can I find additional information form y license.  Kessel Rental can provide you with statistical data, floorplans and drawings free of charge. (during the final order)
  3. What’s standard? 
    All temporary solutions like containers or the modular construction system are equipped with an R-12 antislip floor and easily washable walls. Depending on the application also water heaters, water softeners or scrubbing pits can become a standard.
  4. Can I also rent the equipment? 
    Yes, Kessel Rental has a large range of kitchen equipment/appliances. Even renting counters or furniture for your restaurant are possible options.
  5. What about power supply? 
    You need to take care of the power supply towards the fuse box of the temporary installation.
  6. Who is responsible for the connections of power and water? 
    Kessel Rental takes care of the internal power and water distribution. The client is responsible for the connection of power and water towards the temporarary installation. Kessel Rental looks after an E-check and final check before commissioning.
  7. What do I need to take care of concerning water supply and waste water? 
    When the rental period takes place during the winter months you need to make sure that the pipes remain frostfree in order to prevent damage tot he pipes and equipment. Kessel Rental looks after the insulation of the internal pipes and connectiions.
  8. Is a foundation required on behalf of the temporary structure? 
    In order to overcome differences in height a foundation is required, however in most cases concrete tiles and beams are sufficient. You only need to look after the hardening of the terrain whereby a maximum height difference of 20cm needs to be observed.  For larger height differences other solutions can be suggested.
  9. Can I take care of the foundation myself?
    Of course you can look after the foundation yourself. However you will need to follow our instructions and drawins that we supply during the order confirmation.
  10. What about delivery conditions? 
    Kessel Rental uses its own transport facilities to deliver the temporary structure. It’s important that the site can easily be reached and that the soil is solid enough for our trucks. If the location offers insufficient room for maneuvering (+/- 20m) tjhe use of a crane will be necessary to install the structure.
  11. What else to think about during delivery?
    For a carefree delivery the supply routes and the site need to be free from obstacles like bridges, tunnels, trees etc. Please take into account that the minimal required height is 4,30m and the width 3,50m.  This way our trucks and/or the mobile crane can reach the site.  Even during certain (extreme) weather circumstances the site has to remain accessible.
  12. Do I need to be present during the delivery? 
    It’s important that a contact person is present at the site during delivery to prevent misunderstandings and/or unpleasant surprises when the structure is being put in place.
  13. What about insurance? 
    Kessel Rental is forced in view of its own insurance conditions to have all the rental equipment insured. A certain percentage of the rental sum will be charged to cover this.
  14. How does the maintenance function?
    The client is responsible for a normal maintenance of the electrical appliances and the temporary structure as a whole. This for instance will include cleaning of the roof and gutters in order to ensure a free flow of the rainwater.
  15. What in case of malfunctioning? 
    Kessel Rental is 24 uur/7 dagen bereikbaar via ons standaard telefoonnummer 077-3590900. Buiten de normale openingstijden staat een externe telefoondienst tot uw beschikking, die in geval van storing een storingsmonteur informeert. Is de storing niet telefonisch te verhelpen dan komt onze monteur ter plaatse of wordt afhankelijk van de afstand een servicebedrijf ingeschakeld om de storing in korte tijd op te lossen. Mocht de storing veroorzaakt worden door ondeskundig gebruik dan zijn wij genoodzaakt de kosten hiervan in rekening te brengen.
  16. What are the lead times? 
    A single container unit or a number of connected containers can usually be installed within a week. For larger assignments lead times of the various materials can be influenced by the lead times of our suppliers and the projects that are ongoing. As soon as we have received a formal order we can give an exact lead time.
  17. Is there a minimum rental period? 
    The answer is no. You can rent a temporary kitchen solution from a a few days till a number of years, depending on your requirement.


Have you still got more questions for us ? Feel free to contact us on the following phone number 003177-3590900.


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