Renting a single professional kitchen container unit can substantially increase your turnover

For a catering company it’s extremely important to play it safe at events, concerts, festivals etc. and to avoid unpleasant surprises.  During a break there could be long queues of (often dissatisfied) customers and if your neighbouring caterer is better organized, allowing him to serve drinks and food much faster,  this may cost you quite some turnover.  This underlines the need and importance for a professional kitchen. Large kettles for soup, professional deep fat fryers and sufficient space to prepare salads, smoothies etc. are only a few examples that can make the difference between chaos and a successful event. To make your life easier Kessel Rental has designed a range of special kitchen container units, known as eventunits or cateringunits.  Your guarantee for success!

Sunnarized advantages of a cateringcontainer:

  • Can be fitted with the appliances of your choice
  • Quick supply to the location and ready for use. Fast production equals high sales and short queues.
  • Some of your own appliances can be integrated
  • You can connect the units to refrigeration and/or freezer units
  • No additional crane costs if we can install the unit with our own means
  • Can be supplied with a grease separator
  • Hygienic and safe

A choice for our especially designed container units is a choice for carefree catering.  You can concentrate entirely on the quality of the food you will be preparing and the organization of your service.

Let us assist you to find the right solution for your project. After all success also depends on having the right equipment.

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