Customized modular building

Temporary modular building

For many years Kessel Rental has been setting up various types of professional kitchens in insulated structures with a flexible layout of the different spaces. Customized according to your own requirements! The latest development in temporary buildings is a modular construction system with high quality components that allow us to substantially shorten the delivery and assembly lead times. And moreover all the parts can be reused.

State of the art temporary buildings have become an important part of the Kessel Rental range!

We realize the temporary solution of your dreams:

  • The statistic calculations of the TÜV organism allow the building to be used both as a “temporary”or a “permanent”building.
  • You wish to have a single contact person from start to finish? From planning to delivery, from power and water supply to climate control. A total package that takes away all of your worries.
  • Excellent insulated panels, windows, doors and a sophisticated roof structure with sandwichpanels to prevent cold/hot air bridges.
  • If requested a high quality air treatment system that retains warm air
  • A unique, modern, high-tech appearance that gives you the impression of a permanent building
  • Short (dis)assembly times.
  • All used materials are 100% recyclable and are environmentally friendly turning it into a green building. Our philosophy is “no waste”.
  • You only have limited space available? By its flexible layout we are not tied to fixed sizes as is the case with containers for instance.
  • The inside height is minimum 280cm, creating a spatious look.
  • You can decide the layout of the interior yourself in mutual agreement with ourselves.
  • The construction system is perfectly suited for temporary kitchens, restaurants or a combination of both.
  • You need a solution for 50 or 3000 people? Not a problem!

Have we aroused your interest and this seems like your perfect solution?

Call us or send your mail to for further information and we will gladly help you!

Temporary kitchen in a modular construction