Catering at festivals

Catering at a festival with a professional kitchen container unit.

Visitors Catering

For catering at large events or live concerts we have a number of bulk deep fat fryers enabling you to produce a large quantity of french fries at a time. This will allow you to serve many customers at once during a break. By reducing the waiting time and the queues your sales can continue without any obstacles. The bulk deep fat fryers can be rented separately or preferably in a special container unit that includes extractor hoods, an antislip floor and detachable hygienic walls. This is the ideal solution for rock concerts or large gatherings.  Our range also includes other equipment such as combisteamers, kettles, griddle plates, dishwashing units etc.

Backstage Catering

In many cases the warm and cold kitchen are connected in order to prepare meals in very short period of time.  Our kitchens have also been of use for backstage catering at either concerts or filmsets.  The layout can be agreed with the customer depending on his needs.

Cold storage

Our 20ft refrigeration and freezer units are very suitable for large (size ± 600x240cm).  For less chilling capacity our so called coolcubes and freezercubes may already do the job. They have been designed by ourselves.  They only require 230V power supply and are very easy to install and shift with a forklift or pallet truck.

Bulk production of french fries at a festival.

Summarized the advantages of a cateringcontainer at a festival:

  • Quick supply and ready for use
  • Free choice of equipment
  • Possibility to integrate some of your own appliances
  • Easy to combine with refrigeration or freezer units
  • No additional crane costs if we can install them by our own means
  • Can be supplied with or without a grease separator
  • Works carefree
  • Hygienic and a safe antislip floor

If you want to avoid unpleasant surprises, renting equipment at Kessel Rental is the one and only obvious choice.

Of course you can rent the appliances on their own

Double bulk deep fat fryer suitable for festivals and events.

We carry a large stock of Rational combisteamers, kettles, Frymaster deep fat fryers, tilting braising pans, dishwashing units, stoves but also worktables, racks etc.

Our range also includes single and double deep fat fryers with high capacity whereby full boxes of french fries can be prepared in 1 go. Once they are ready the basket lifts automatically.  You will be able to produce and sell vast quantities of snacks in a short period of time. Tjhe ideal solution during large events and gatherings.

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